The Process: Working with Deen Law


Everything starts with you. Whether you need help with a personal matter or a business idea, you’ve realized that it’s time to work with a professional to accomplish your objectives. You’ve come to the right place. Now what?


After over 10 years of practicing law, I have gained a wealth of experience which I combine with a thorough knowledge of the law to deliver tailored solutions to complex problems.


Let’s talk business. We’ll sit down and discuss what’s going on with you or your business. In addition to evaluating your most pressing issue(s), I may even put a few other issues on your radar. I’ll make recommendations and estimate costs. If we click and you like what you hear, I’ll send you an Engagement Agreement electronically so we can get started.


Together, we’ll create an action plan based on your objectives, budget and timeline. The specifics are largely up to you. I won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. That would be contrary to my mission of building long term relationships.


Depending on our plan, we may need to bring in other professionals to plug in expertise in certain areas like accounting/tax, bookkeeping, finance, insurance or banking. We can either plug in the other advisers that you already work with or I can tap my vast network of professionals to put together an all-star team. You grow, we grow.


Once we have our plan and have gotten the right team together, we execute the plan. Deliverables are made on time and on budget using technology to increase efficiency and transparency. Communication is constant. You will always know the status of your matter.


With this process of deliberate planning and collaboration with the right professionals, your odds of success will be exponentially higher. Since my interests are 100% aligned with yours, your success is my success. I can’t wait to get started.

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